The Manufactured Housing Institute Represents Homebuilder Interests


Manufactured Housing Institute pic
Manufactured Housing Institute

Monica Schroeder, an experienced banking executive based in Birmingham, Alabama, has worked with real estate loan analysis and loan origination for nearly twenty years. In addition to her role as a vice president for Capital One Multifamily Financing, Monica Schroeder is a member of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI).

MHI is a professional organization that promotes the legislative interests of the manufactured home industry. MHI, the nation’s largest factory-constructed-home focused organization, brings together 900 professionals from all aspects of the manufactured housing sector, including retailers, suppliers, lenders, and community representatives.

Some of MHI’s leading legislative issues involve financing, regulations, and tax credits. MHI advocates for initiatives that promote affordable housing credits for developers and enhanced Federal Housing Administration insurance terms for borrowers.

MHI also promotes streamlined HUD and other housing regulations to facilitate compliance and increase affordable housing stock. The association also pushes for more accessible tax-credits for constructing energy-efficient buildings.